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Glass Bottom Distributors, LLC. ® was co-founded by cousins, Arturo Lomeli Ibarra, and Humberto Ibarra in December of 2012.
They got together to share their enthusiasm for premium quality tequila. After many conversations, they quickly realized that
they shared the same idea and vision: To import and distribute only the best premium tequila that the great state of Jalisco, Mexico has to offer.
It all started with two cousins, one vision, one brand, a lot of learning, and hard work. Since then, Glass Bottom Distributors, LLC. ®
has expanded its reach into the market exponentially. While maintaining their focus on importing and distributing only the finest premium tequila,
they have expanded to other beverages of the highest quality that they can believe in. The warehouse is centrally located in Los Angeles county, California
where distribution stretches across the entire state of California. Glass Bottom® still maintains its commitment and dedication
to only the best in quality and in value; our products are carefully selected to represent the finest of their respective categories.
Thank you for taking the time to visit us and if you have any questions please contact us at info@gbdspirits.com
Glass Bottom Distributors, LLC.® is dedicated and committed to
importing and distributing only the utmost finest premium distilled
spirits; specializing in tequila imports from Jalisco, Mexico. We are
the importer and distributor to the line of products we carry, allowing us
to offer the best wholesale price available in today's competitive market.
Glass Bottom Distributors, LLC.® is a licensed wholesaler and importer of
distilled spirits selling at a competitive wholesale price to retail stores,
restaurants, clubs, bars and more. For more detailed information please
feel free to email us at info@gbdspirits.com.
Glass Bottom Distributors
Aroma: Fresh herbs with hints of wood from the fire pit

Taste: Chopped agave, mesquite, sweet red apple and ripe fruits

Finsh: Smooth and fruty, with a slight smoked wood finish on the palate
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